Waterproofing of concrete for crystallization

Xypex Chemical Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers in the market for waterproofing, protecting, and repairing concrete structures. Since 1969, Xypex has fundamentally changed the approach to waterproofing and protecting concrete by introducing «waterproofing concrete by crystallization», a chemical principle formulated to work inside the concrete itself and not just on the surface. The family of Xypex products has evolved successively in different applications solving all those problems where traditional barrier systems were ineffective. It is this technology that has made the difference for the integrity of concrete structures, responding to all the new world opportunities and challenges.

XYPEX technology

The basis of the development of Xypex crystallizing technology has been a thorough understanding of the chemical and physical composition of concrete. The concrete is porous. Its capillary tunnel is a natural part of its mass, and allows the passage of water and other liquids. Xypex researchers have recognized the usefulness of a chemical treatment that saturates these capillaries avoiding the penetration of water and other liquids in a positive and / or negative push. The reactive chemicals present in Xypex products use water as a means to migrate into the capillary pores and spread in the concrete section. This phenomenon triggers the chemical reaction between Xypex, moisture and cement by-products of hydration, forming a non-soluble crystalline structure that fills the capillary traits and impairs the concrete.

Qualitative Standards

The highly reliable position of Xypex in the concrete industry has been increased thanks to the development of complete quality systems. These systems have been certified in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001: 2008, British Board Agreement, Cahier de Charges and EU directives. The consistency and reliability of Xypex operating products, products and services stems from our respect for these quality systems. This guiding principle also provides a policy of continuous improvement and increased benefits for our customers worldwide.

The difference of crystallizing technology

Xypex forms a permanent and insoluble crystalline structure integrated into the concrete. The capillaries are made discontinuous and impermeable to water even in the presence of extreme high hydrostatic pressures.

Technical assistance

Xypex professionals are always available to provide high quality technical support to engineers, architects and contractors who prescribe and use our products. When the integrity of the concrete is threatened by the aggressive action of humidity, the Xypex team is a reassuring resource.

Professional support

Xypex employees know the value of time in construction, where the urgency is always present and it is necessary to receive quick answers. Our goal is to make life on site easier by making our experts available at the time when it is necessary to provide useful technical advice for an effective and correct application of Xypex products.

The problems of the membranes

The membranes and other traditional barrier systems are designed to work on the outside of the concrete. Their reliability is based on the bond they reach with the concrete surface. The illustration shows what can happen when the surface connection breaks. Due to accidental drilling or due to hydrostatic pressure, the membrane delaminates, opening entry routes to water and other harmful liquids that can easily penetrate and degrade the concrete. The protection, durability and overall integrity of the concrete is weakened, and the corroded reinforcement.

The XYPEX solution

Xypex products are designed to work inside concrete. Xypex chemical reagents penetrate through the pores and capillaries of the concrete, forming a crystalline structure insoluble deep within the structure with the cement hydration by-products. In this condition, the concrete becomes impermeable and prevents the penetration of water from any direction, preventing the effects of moisture that causes the oxidation of the reinforcing rods.

Resistance to chemical agents

Xypex products are used in many projects where the integrity of concrete is threatened to a chemically aggressive environment. Wastewater treatment plants, bridges, secondary containment structures, highways and marine environments benefit from Xypex crystallizing technology and its ability to prevent the penetration of a wide range of chemicals including diluted acids, solvents, chlorides and caustic materials. Given its specific pH, Xypex protects the concrete from all chemicals whose pH range ranges from 3.0 to 11.0 in case of constant contact, and from 2.0 to 12.0 for occasional contacts.

Resistance to hydrostatic pressure

Tanks, swimming pools, aquariums, wastewater treatment plants, dams, marine structures or subquota are all subject to pressure from water and other fluids from inside and / or outside. Since Xypex does not depend on surface adhesion as it is an integral part of the concrete mass it is able to withstand extreme hydrostatic pressures. Results of independent tests have shown that the two-coat application of Xypex eliminates infiltrations up to a hydraulic head of 122 m.


    Xypex Concentrate è un esclusivo trattamento chimico per l’impermeabilizzazione, protezione e il miglioramento del calcestruzzo.


    Xypex Modified è un esclusivo trattamento chimico per l’impermeabilizzazione, protezione e il miglioramento del calcestruzzo.


    Xypex Admix C – series sono esclusivi trattamenti chimici per l’impermeabilizzazione, protezione e il miglioramento del calcestruzzo.


    Xypex Patch’n Plug è una speciale miscela cementizia a presa rapida per la riparazione del calcestruzzo. Patch’n plug ferma le infiltrazioni d’acqua in pochi secondi.


    Xypex Concentrate DS 2 è un esclusivo trattamento chimico per l’impermeabilizzazione, protezione e il miglioramento del calcestruzzo.


    Xypex Megamix I è una rasatura a spessore sottile per l’impermeabilizzazione e la finitura superfici verticali in muratura o calcestruzzo.


    Xypex Megamix II è una malta strutturale per la riparazione del calcestruzzo caratterizzata da alta adesione, ritiro controllato ed elevata resistenza.