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  • ALCHIOIL 100

    ALCHIOIL 100 is a blend of synthetic oils, contained in a balanced formulation designed to chemically react with the alkaline ingredients present in common concrete.

  • ALCHIOIL 200

    ALCHIOIL 200 is a release agent; blend of synthetic oils and organic corrosion inhibitors, ready to use. Easy to apply by brush or pressure type sprayer. Low surface tension assures coverage. It will not stain or discolor concrete.

  • ALCHIOIL 400

    Universal reactive concrete form release agent with an evaporating agent that helps reduce the film thickness on form.


    VIBROSFORM SF is a ready to use release agent designed to allow a rapid release from the forms in order to obtain a very fast turn-over in production of small and medium hand manufactured concrete structures in precasting.


    RAPIDSFORM FL is a release agent designed to allow a rapid release from the forms in order to obtain a very fast turn-over in production in precasting.


    SFORMACER is a very low density release agent of the last generation specially suitable for ceramic and clay.


    PRONTOSFORM is a creamy release agent, ready to use and does not need to be diluted with water. Very special surface finishing.


    NUOVO DISARMOIL is a special blend of synthetic oils and special emulsifying agents, to be diluted with water before use (1: 20 – oil in water, not the opposite).


    EMULSFORM is a release agent made from a blend of special synthetic oils and special emulsifying agents already water emulsioned. It is a white coloured oily liquid to be diluted with water before use.


    ECOFINISH is a blend of special synthetic oils and bio products additives of vegetal raw materials. It does not contain solvents and essences that could be dangerous for the workers and environment safety.


    Additive responding to standard EN 934-2:2009 certificate of conformity of the factory production control n° 1982-CPR-650.

  • SIRIO C 60

    SIRIO C 60 is particularly suitable for the production of concrete in hot climates, to prolong the workability, of the mix water reducing and increasing the mechanical resistance, high plasticising effect.

  • SIRIO A 300

    SIRIO A 300 is a last generation superplasticiser high-grade admixture based on active polymers.


    SIRIOMIX is a non-chloride special admixture, to improve early compressive and flexural strength. The increased freezethaw resistance allows fast form stripping. It reduces initial set by 1 to 4 hours.

  • EXP 50

    EXP 50 is a water-based surface retarder used to expose the aggregate in newly laid horizontal concrete surfaces.
    It delays the set of the cementious paste on the surface to a controlled depth (3 – 4 mm).

  • GIUNTO BT 100

    GIUNTO BT 100 is an expandable waterproofing bentonite and rubber joint, specifically designed to act as a moisture barrier in concrete construction joints (dim. 20×25 mm). Thanks to its light weight it is easy and fast to apply.


    Sodic bentonite powder. Easy to use undiluted or mixed with cement to produce an injectable mix.


    BENTOPASTA is a thixotropic paste, composed of natural sodium bentonite and non-toxic plasticizers. Plastic even if in contact with air, good resistance to rain and excellent adhesion to substrates.


    SIRIOSEAL is a waterproofing cementitious mortar developed to make a waterproofing coats which are also resistant to water pressure.


    SIRIOBETON STOP it’s a special cement formulation hydraulic waterstop blocks running water when applied to holes in masonry or concrete structures.


    SIRIOBARRIERA is alkyl-silane diluted in mineral white spirit. A clear penetrating water repellent sealer for inside and outside protection recommended for concrete system, natural stones, architectural concrete bricks and normal weight concrete blocks.


    SIRIOBARRIERA WR is a new generation of saline diluted in water. A clear penetrating water repellent sealer for inside and outside protection recommended for concrete system, natural stones, architectural concrete bricks and normal weight concrete blocks.


    Hand gun for cartridge 600 ml
    Polyethylene pipe


    SIRIOSAN is ready to use and can be applied with brush or can be sprayed. SIRIOSAN penetrates by capillarity into concrete and stones or marble, reinforcing by means of the silicious substances that it contains.


    HYDROSTOP is a liquid consisting of a mixture of oligomeric organosiloxanes special formulated, stable to U.V., in a solvent with hydrophobic and waterproofing characteristics, by impregnation, of the absorbent from building materials.
    The HYDROSTOP waterproof efficiency can last for more than 10 years.


    HYDROMAS is a waterproof liquid used to waterproof the mortar and for the treatment of dampness by capillarity in concrete structures. HYDROMAS guarantees a waterproof action in mortars and concretes to stop recurring dampness by capillarity.


    EXPANDER K1 is an expandable waterproof sealant (one component). Its special formulation is the result of a technological research on “water sensible” synthetic rubbers.


    GIUNTOFLEX is a polyurethane mono-component elastic joint sealer hygrohardening. Resistant to atmospheric agents and chemical attack.


    Waterproof joint made by an adhesive butyl tape (protected by a film) and non-woven fabric.

  • ADEKA 2020 and ADEKA 3030

    Geosynthetic membrane containing sodium bentonite integrated with a layer of high density polyethylene


    Special waterproofing compound made by synthetic polymers used for enhancing and improving mortars and concrete adhesion to other construction materials.


    SIRIOCRYL is a special resin based on acrylic copolymers. It is highly water resistant and formulated as a bonding agent admixture for thin portland cement coatings.


    SIRIOBIT is a bituminous emulsion with a pasty consistency for waterproofing horizontal and vertical surfaces on foundations, retaining walls, concrete system for containing water.


    SIRIOSOL is designed for sealing concrete and cemented surfaces, thus providing a suitable anchoring for bituminous waterproofing membranes and multiple layer waterproofing coatings.


    Rheoplastic mortar, fiber reinforced ready-to-use for structural repairs with compensated shrinkage and normal setting time.


    Quick and easy to apply vertical or ceilings, high mechanical strength, strong and immediate adhesion to the substrate, high applicable thickness (1-6 cm) characterized by volumetric stability, high durability to chemical and water aggression even under pressure.


    SIRIOBETON AC is a cement mix ready to use. After mixing with water, it is perfectly pourable and gives mixes of the highest adherence.


    For horizontal or vertical surfaces used for quick restorations and applications.


    Super adhesive thixotropic shrink-proof rheoplastic mortar fiber reinforced with high protection and durability very low elasticity modulus, for repair and finishing of spalled concretes and masonries.


    Rapid grip shrink-proof mortar for restoration, filling and sealing ready to use cement mix which after mixing with water is very easy to apply.


    SIRIOBETON IDR is a mortar that has high properties in eliminating the dampness, present in walls, in order to restore them. Its specific formula makes the coat waterproof.


    SIRIOBETON FLEX M is a waterproofing two component mixture with high adhesion to various substrates, high degree of deformation and corrosion protection of the reinforcements.


    RASOCAL is a ready to use mortar essentially made of mono-calcic and bi- calcic hydrated silicates, hydraulic binders, special additives and finely graded natural sand.


    The mineral plaster INTOCAL is an inorganic formulation that has drawn inspiration from the best traditions of building art of Italian medieval and renaissance history combined with the modern technology that allow to have a very high standard quality in raw material control.


    PASTA DORIT® is a useful protection paste for stairs, bathrooms, tiles, marbles, tubs, floors or showers and terraces.


    SIRIONET is a chemical cleaning agent used for removing encrustations of mortar or concrete, by construction equipment. Effective on stoneware ceramics or terracotta, with inlays to be used pure or diluted.


    SIRIOPEL is a curing agent for concrete, made up of special blended resins in solvents, forming an impermeable film, avoiding the rapid evaporation of the mixed water.


    SIRIOFIBRE allow counter tensions of the withdrawal (of the plastic concrete phase) distributing them evenly on the entire mass of the manufactured articles avoiding in this way the formation of microcracks, reducing permeability of concrete, greater resistance to shock and breakage of the concrete, support and the concrete cohesion of sloping walls (galleries), increased fatigue strength, durability, fire resistance, alkali resistance and chemical.


    SIRIOCEM P.F. MONO it’s a one-component corrosion inhibiting cement mortar for the protection of reinforcing rods to prevent rust formation.
    SIRIOCEM P.F. MONO/R create a 2 mm coating, with high adhesion to the reinforcing rods and the concrete, good mechanical strength and low elastic modulus, high durability to penetration of water or saline solutions, even under pressure.


    SIRIOEPOS 131 is a two components thrixotropic epoxy adhesive resin, solvent free, used for the repairs and consolidation of different building materials like concrete, brick and stone.


    SIRIOEPOS 552 is a two-part superfluid epoxy adhesive, solvent-free, for bonding and structural reinforcement by low pressure injection.


    SIRIOEPOS 202/E is a solvent-free epoxy adhesive consisting of two components for connection between the new and the old concrete.


    SIRIOEPOS GEL is an epoxy gel resin solvent free. It is in a pre-dosed set (component A: resin; component B: hardened) to be mixed before the application. SIRIOEPOS GEL has a thixotropic characteristic and it is soft and easy to apply to consolidate, impregnate. The product guarantee monolithic adhesion on all the different stones and concrete materials.


    SIRIOEPOS 143 create a one-body shape with the support and offers high mechanical strength, chemical and wear and impact, eg floors – supports -rampe – curbs – water works – etc.


    IRIO SILICAFUME, usually known as silica-fume or simply as microsilicate, it’s a product obtained by a reduction process of quartzite during the production of metal silicon.


    Two-component epoxy paint in water emulsion, curing at ambient conditions, the maximum application security, relevant mechanical and wear resistance, good penetrating power and breathability to the vapor pressure.


    SIRIOEPOS 814 bi-component epoxy solvent paint. Its aspect is smooth and bright and it guarantee perfect adesion on all the surfaces and provide mechanical strength on the floors and concrete. It become hard in normal ambient condition.


    CARBON PL is a low depth carbon plates (1.4 mm) easy to handle, with various sizes and lengths, particularly useful for structural and load bearing reinforcement of slabs, pillars, beams and arcs. It comes in different size and dimensions. CARBON PL it is suitable for structural and mechanical reinforcement for: pier, beam and floor.


    CARBON/BA is a rod bar made of carbon pultruded to high grip.
    Mechanical performance superior to steel. Extremely light, easy and fast implementation.


    Unidirectional carbon fibers for the execution of structural reinforcements by cold-rolling with high mechanical properties. Thanks to the extreme lightness is easy to handle and can be obtained formings for any demand of employment.


    CARBON CORD is a unidirectional carbon fiber anchorage bow connector designed and developed for structural reinforcement. It consists of a bundle of long unidirectional carbon fibers retained by a special synthetic net (extensible both longitudinally and transversely) which gives a cylindrical form to the system.

  • P 4200 Pump

    Small but powerful airless pump electric and rundown. Airless indicates an application with which the material is sprayed through high pressure.