High chemical resistance products

ANDROMEDA is the line of products Proind with high chemical resistance to be used in restoring, bonding and structural reinforcement. In the ANDROMEDA line there are specific products as: migrating corrosion inhibitor, two component special powder formulation, epoxy adhesive resins, fiber reinforced rheoplastic mortars, shrink-proof mortars, microsilicates.


    SIRIOCEM P.F. MONO it’s a one-component corrosion inhibiting cement mortar for the protection of reinforcing rods to prevent rust formation.
    SIRIOCEM P.F. MONO/R create a 2 mm coating, with high adhesion to the reinforcing rods and the concrete, good mechanical strength and low elastic modulus, high durability to penetration of water or saline solutions, even under pressure.


    SIRIOEPOS 131 is a two components thrixotropic epoxy adhesive resin, solvent free, used for the repairs and consolidation of different building materials like concrete, brick and stone.


    SIRIOEPOS 552 is a two-part superfluid epoxy adhesive, solvent-free, for bonding and structural reinforcement by low pressure injection.


    SIRIOEPOS 202/E is a solvent-free epoxy adhesive consisting of two components for connection between the new and the old concrete.


    SIRIOEPOS GEL is an epoxy gel resin solvent free. It is in a pre-dosed set (component A: resin; component B: hardened) to be mixed before the application. SIRIOEPOS GEL has a thixotropic characteristic and it is soft and easy to apply to consolidate, impregnate. The product guarantee monolithic adhesion on all the different stones and concrete materials.


    SIRIOEPOS 143 create a one-body shape with the support and offers high mechanical strength, chemical and wear and impact, eg floors – supports -rampe – curbs – water works – etc.


    IRIO SILICAFUME, usually known as silica-fume or simply as microsilicate, it’s a product obtained by a reduction process of quartzite during the production of metal silicon.


    Two-component epoxy paint in water emulsion, curing at ambient conditions, the maximum application security, relevant mechanical and wear resistance, good penetrating power and breathability to the vapor pressure.


    SIRIOEPOS 814 bi-component epoxy solvent paint. Its aspect is smooth and bright and it guarantee perfect adesion on all the surfaces and provide mechanical strength on the floors and concrete. It become hard in normal ambient condition.


    CARBON PL is a low depth carbon plates (1.4 mm) easy to handle, with various sizes and lengths, particularly useful for structural and load bearing reinforcement of slabs, pillars, beams and arcs. It comes in different size and dimensions. CARBON PL it is suitable for structural and mechanical reinforcement for: pier, beam and floor.


    CARBON/BA is a rod bar made of carbon pultruded to high grip.
    Mechanical performance superior to steel. Extremely light, easy and fast implementation.


    Unidirectional carbon fibers for the execution of structural reinforcements by cold-rolling with high mechanical properties. Thanks to the extreme lightness is easy to handle and can be obtained formings for any demand of employment.


    CARBON CORD is a unidirectional carbon fiber anchorage bow connector designed and developed for structural reinforcement. It consists of a bundle of long unidirectional carbon fibers retained by a special synthetic net (extensible both longitudinally and transversely) which gives a cylindrical form to the system.