Concrete and mortars additives

GEMINI is a complete line of additives for concrete and mortars and a wide range of release agents. All the superplasticizers with different base and actions for all round uses (retard cement setting, increase early strength, SCC, etc.), antifreeze liquid and powder, air-entraining.
The line of release agents of Proind is for sure one of the most wide and complete in the world: there are universal release agents ready to use and to be diluted in water for wood forms, there are 15 release agents with different density and with specific additives to be used in different situations and in order to prevent the corrosion and to treat rusted forms.
Some of this release agents are focused for the specific use in precast industry in order to reduce bug holes on the surface to obtain a very special finishing, others for a rapid relase action and some contains MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) of Cortec Corporation.

  • ALCHIOIL 100

    ALCHIOIL 100 is a blend of synthetic oils, contained in a balanced formulation designed to chemically react with the alkaline ingredients present in common concrete.

  • ALCHIOIL 200

    ALCHIOIL 200 is a release agent; blend of synthetic oils and organic corrosion inhibitors, ready to use. Easy to apply by brush or pressure type sprayer. Low surface tension assures coverage. It will not stain or discolor concrete.

  • ALCHIOIL 400

    Universal reactive concrete form release agent with an evaporating agent that helps reduce the film thickness on form.


    VIBROSFORM SF is a ready to use release agent designed to allow a rapid release from the forms in order to obtain a very fast turn-over in production of small and medium hand manufactured concrete structures in precasting.


    RAPIDSFORM FL is a release agent designed to allow a rapid release from the forms in order to obtain a very fast turn-over in production in precasting.


    SFORMACER is a very low density release agent of the last generation specially suitable for ceramic and clay.


    PRONTOSFORM is a creamy release agent, ready to use and does not need to be diluted with water. Very special surface finishing.


    NUOVO DISARMOIL is a special blend of synthetic oils and special emulsifying agents, to be diluted with water before use (1: 20 – oil in water, not the opposite).


    EMULSFORM is a release agent made from a blend of special synthetic oils and special emulsifying agents already water emulsioned. It is a white coloured oily liquid to be diluted with water before use.


    ECOFINISH is a blend of special synthetic oils and bio products additives of vegetal raw materials. It does not contain solvents and essences that could be dangerous for the workers and environment safety.


    Additive responding to standard EN 934-2:2009 certificate of conformity of the factory production control n° 1982-CPR-650.

  • SIRIO C 60

    SIRIO C 60 is particularly suitable for the production of concrete in hot climates, to prolong the workability, of the mix water reducing and increasing the mechanical resistance, high plasticising effect.

  • SIRIO A 300

    SIRIO A 300 is a last generation superplasticiser high-grade admixture based on active polymers.


    SIRIOMIX is a non-chloride special admixture, to improve early compressive and flexural strength. The increased freezethaw resistance allows fast form stripping. It reduces initial set by 1 to 4 hours.

  • EXP 50

    EXP 50 is a water-based surface retarder used to expose the aggregate in newly laid horizontal concrete surfaces.
    It delays the set of the cementious paste on the surface to a controlled depth (3 – 4 mm).