Controlled shrinkage, cement and lime based

SIRIO is the line of products Proind in wich there are special compounds, fibers,controlled shrinkage cement and lime based mortars. In the SIRIO line there are specific products as: special fiber reinforced rheoplastic mortars to be used in structural repairs and waterproofing restorations, special cement formulation hydraulic waterstop blokcs running water, elastoplastic two component flexible cement mortar, plasters, coatings with high dehumidifying power to restore walls damaged from re-ascend humidity by capillarity, mortars based on mono-calcic and bi-calcic hydrated silicates and additives, admixtures for injection slurries, powder microsilica admixtures, special compounds to produce decorative articles, rust converter, curing and sealing compounds, chemical cleansing agents, polypropylene fibers to reinforce concrete and mortars.


    Rheoplastic mortar, fiber reinforced ready-to-use for structural repairs with compensated shrinkage and normal setting time.


    Quick and easy to apply vertical or ceilings, high mechanical strength, strong and immediate adhesion to the substrate, high applicable thickness (1-6 cm) characterized by volumetric stability, high durability to chemical and water aggression even under pressure.


    SIRIOBETON AC is a cement mix ready to use. After mixing with water, it is perfectly pourable and gives mixes of the highest adherence.


    For horizontal or vertical surfaces used for quick restorations and applications.


    Super adhesive thixotropic shrink-proof rheoplastic mortar fiber reinforced with high protection and durability very low elasticity modulus, for repair and finishing of spalled concretes and masonries.


    Rapid grip shrink-proof mortar for restoration, filling and sealing ready to use cement mix which after mixing with water is very easy to apply.


    SIRIOBETON IDR is a mortar that has high properties in eliminating the dampness, present in walls, in order to restore them. Its specific formula makes the coat waterproof.


    SIRIOBETON FLEX M is a waterproofing two component mixture with high adhesion to various substrates, high degree of deformation and corrosion protection of the reinforcements.


    RASOCAL is a ready to use mortar essentially made of mono-calcic and bi- calcic hydrated silicates, hydraulic binders, special additives and finely graded natural sand.


    The mineral plaster INTOCAL is an inorganic formulation that has drawn inspiration from the best traditions of building art of Italian medieval and renaissance history combined with the modern technology that allow to have a very high standard quality in raw material control.


    PASTA DORIT® is a useful protection paste for stairs, bathrooms, tiles, marbles, tubs, floors or showers and terraces.


    SIRIONET is a chemical cleaning agent used for removing encrustations of mortar or concrete, by construction equipment. Effective on stoneware ceramics or terracotta, with inlays to be used pure or diluted.


    SIRIOPEL is a curing agent for concrete, made up of special blended resins in solvents, forming an impermeable film, avoiding the rapid evaporation of the mixed water.


    SIRIOFIBRE allow counter tensions of the withdrawal (of the plastic concrete phase) distributing them evenly on the entire mass of the manufactured articles avoiding in this way the formation of microcracks, reducing permeability of concrete, greater resistance to shock and breakage of the concrete, support and the concrete cohesion of sloping walls (galleries), increased fatigue strength, durability, fire resistance, alkali resistance and chemical.